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Improve Results Of Your Medical Skincare Treatments

The goal of every medical and skincare professional is to provide the best treatment results to their skincare patients. Careful consultations, intense communication regarding patient goals and an aggressive treatment plan are all key factors in helping patients have the best outcome. Home care is one crucial area of a patient’s treatment plan that can have the largest impact on the overall success of a medical skin treatment. How a patient manages their post treatment home care has a huge impact on their results. Of course, it’s no surprise that it takes potent and effective ingredients to make any home care product actually work. 3 Advanced Active Ingredients For Post Procedure Care If you like to scrutinize the ingredients in the products that you recommend, we invite you to pay close attention. There are 3 scientific ingredients that are ideal to help patients manage the post treatment care of medical skincare treatments.

  • TGF-B3 A protein that is part of the TGF Beta superfamily that is primarily focused on wound repair and scarring.
  • W-3 Peptide Also known as - Hexapeptide-33 W3 peptide mainly induces Wound healing, Wrinkle care and Brightening by binding to GPCR and activating cell vitality.
  • Gatuline Lift N Link® Significantly reduces all eye contour wrinkles appearance. Brings firmness to the eye contour. Improves overall skin quality and comfort. Restructures and smoothes the skin.

Now Offering KERACELL MD The doctors and scientists at KERACELL have been producing some of the best clinical skincare products on the market that feature human stem cell conditioned media. However, in an attempt to assist medical professionals improve overall patient care, the KERACELL scientists wanted to go one step further. KERACELL MD is specially formulated and designed for sensitive and traumatized skin that is undergoing aggressive treatments. Skin will be most sensitive when the skin is challenged, so we've selected a more skin sensitive preservative that is vital for most all cosmeceuticals. This already gentle, yet powerful line is the Ideal option for sensitive skin types!!! KERACELL MD has a higher concentration of growth factor, additional peptides that stimulate cell proliferation KERACELL MD is only available through licensed Medical Doctors, Practices and Spas with a Medical Director. New KERACELL MD Products With High Concentrates & Active Ingredients

  • ANTI-AGING FACIAL CONCENTRATE Featuring W-3 Peptide High Potency MHCsc technology formulated with W3 Peptide (Hexapeptide-33), a novel 3rd generation skin care peptide targeting “G-Protein-Coupled Receptor” activates cell vitality, combats wrinkles, brightens and tones. Potent bio-active signaling peptides hone damaged sites to aid in repair and restoration, while Gatuline Renew® helps to improve skin texture, smoothing and hydration resulting in a more youthful appearance.
  • EYE LIFT & CONTOUR CREAM Featuring: Gatuline Lift N Link® A breakthrough formulation utilizing our core MHCsc technology with award winning Gatuline Lift N Link® targets the appearance of eye contour wrinkles and aids in firmness, lift, and elasticity. Potent bio-active signaling peptides hone damaged sites to aid in repair, restore and relax signs of aging, while botanical extracts of cucumber and licorice root awaken and brighten, minimizing dark circles and reduce puffiness. This luxurious velvety cream contains innovative soft focus and blurring agents that quickly melts into your skin, restoring its suppleness and luminosity.
  • RE-CU-PERATE RECOVERY SERUM Featuring: TGF-B3 An intensive clinical formula that is specially formulated with MHCscTM technology, Proline, Lysine, Copper Peptides, & TGF-B3 which are known for the skin recovery process. Ideal for Pre and Post treatment of chemical peels, laser therapy, micro- needling, and can assist in the recovery of most skin conditions, including burns, stretch marks. Helps to reduce inflammation and scar formation.

  If you’d like more information on any of the new KERACELL MD products, you can order online, call us at 352-362-3173 or email us.

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