Give Skin a “Summer Boost” with KERACELL MD

Memorial Day is just weeks away. Summer is about to get into full swing. If you’re like us, we love summer and everything that comes with it. Life is so much fun in the summer time. There’s so much fun to be had and most of that fun is in the sun. So many fun times with family and friends at the beach or pool soaking up the sun’s rays. It’s the time of year to take a look at your skincare products. What worked in the winter may not be optimal for summer. Skin has different needs for hydration, protection and regeneration after all that sun! Higher Concentrates For a “Summer Boost” Skin is exposed to so much more in the summer: sun, chlorine, and salt just to name a few. This is the time of year when you should look for more potent antioxidants, stronger regenerative peptides and higher concentration of stem cell growth factor. Giving your skin this “summer boost” will give it everything it needs to combat free radicals and the harsh summer elements to continue to stay looking optimal. It’s time to build that power-house regimen for your patients that will help keep their skin healthy and combat the harmful effects of over-exposure. You’re in luck! The new KERACELL MD line of products is the perfect go-to product line when you want a “summer boost” for your skin. These enhanced formulations have some of the most sophisticated research and development behind them. 3 Ingredients For Your “Sumer Boost We’re so proud of the sophisticated ingredients that will give skin the ability to protect itself and renew this summer! These are why KERACELL MD works so effectively.

  • TGF-B3 A protein that is primarily focused on repair.
  • W-3 Peptide W3 peptide mainly induces healing,
  • Gatuline Lift N Link® Significantly reduces wrinkles appearance.

3 Products For The BEST “Summer Boost”

  1. ANTI-AGING FACIAL CONCENTRATE High Potency MHCsc technology formulated with W3 Peptide (Hexapeptide-33), a novel 3rd generation skin care peptide targeting “G-Protein-Coupled Receptor” activates cell vitality, combats wrinkles, brightens and tones. Potent bio-active signaling peptides hone damaged sites to aid in repair and restoration, while Gatuline Renew® helps to improve skin texture, smoothing and hydration resulting in a more youthful appearance.
  2. EYE LIFT & CONTOUR CREAM A breakthrough formulation utilizing our core MHCsc technology with award winning Gatuline Lift N Link® targets the appearance of eye contour wrinkles and aids in firmness, lift, and elasticity. Potent bio-active signaling peptides hone damaged sites to aid in repair, restore and relax signs of aging, while botanical extracts of cucumber and licorice root awaken and brighten, minimizing dark circles and reduce puffiness. This luxurious velvety cream contains innovative soft focus and blurring agents that quickly melts into your skin, restoring its suppleness and luminosity.
  3. RE-CU-PERATE SERUM An intensive clinical formula that is specially formulated with MHCscTM technology, Proline, Lysine, Copper Peptides, & TGF-B3 which are known for the skin recovery process. Ideal for Pre and Post treatment of chemical peels, laser therapy, micro- needling, and can assist in the recovery of most skin conditions, including burns, stretch marks. Helps to reduce inflammation and scar formation.

Give your patients the best MD line available for healthier, more vibrant skin this summer and the rest of the year. Call us now to incorporate these newly launched, highly concentrated medical skincare cosmeceuticals into your service menu, and into your patients’ daily home care routine.

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